SaaS platform to boost eCommerce search experience
Manage your Product strategy down to the smallest details
Get leverage you need to implement all your sales operations and track their effects on users' behavior. Empower product managers directly from the administration console to control, analyze and correct catalog navigation.
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Enhance the eCommerce experience for your customers
Take advantage of all the technologies that will allow your customers to find the products matching their requirements, or just for browsing your catalog. Your conversion rate has never been easier to improve!
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Integrate with ease
Based on the simplest and most efficient standards, Konda’s APIs have been designed for fast integration and high flexibility in your use. In addition, we have made sure to seamlessly and clearly integrate the business operation levers so that you only have to deal with it once.
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A reliable and secure Saas solution
Konda’s architecture is based on state-of-the-art fault resilience and scalability to absorb your biggest load peaks and ensure service continuity in all circumstances. Of course, we also provide enhanced security for your data and authentication.
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